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Thank you for visiting to my site, www.intarsia.co.uk. Since 2006 I started making and soon thereafter selling Intarsia and now I am back with more patterns and a better working site.
With Intarsia.co.uk I offer a great selection of patterns that are easy to understand, certainly not too expensive and fun to create. My patterns are ranging from mythical creatures, animals or flowers to themes that fit every season. This site is updated regularly with new patterns from normal to unigue patterns that are always fun to make.
All orders will be sent as soon as possible.
Want a different size than stated??? Send me an email after payment and i resize it to the size you want.… at no charge.
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Updated 28-11-2017
Animals 2 Animals 2 Animals 3
Purchase two and in the paypal description box. Please add a message to let me know which third pattern you would like to have.
Offer ends 31’st of December 2017